Here's the Story...

    • Your neighbor called us...
      ...looking to sell the family home of 50 years and wanting to maximize its value.

  • We got to work
    We coordinated with our design team to have the house painted and staged so it looked and felt fantastic because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • A Buzzworthy Launch
    Our marketing plan included six open houses, two broker caravans, and invite-only events, which brought in hundreds of buyers over those first ten days.

  • Multiple Offers
    As intended, we received multiple offers, 28 in fact!We used a multiple counter offer to negotiate with all of them to find the highest paying buyers.

  • Masterful Negotiation
    Using the offer deadline date and providing inspection reports, we secured a buyer for a price much higher than that of homes in better condition.

  • A Bump in the Road
    The first buyer backed out of the sale, but because we had multiple backup offers, we quickly put the house back in escrow near the same record price.
  • Successful Close
    Your neighbor's home sold for 16% more per square foot than the most recent comparable sales, adding an additional $230,000 to their bottom line.

  • Record-Setting Results
    The neighborhood averages $815/ SF, valuing a similar home at $1,470,000. We sold your neighbor's home for $1,700,000, or $942/SF—a record for a fixer-upper home.

1314 Norton Ave.

Our team's marketing strategy and implementation resulted in these sweet results:

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