When the market shifts who will be impacted first?

When the market crashes, who will be the first to be impacted? Currently, in Summer 2021, the market's red hot. Most houses are selling in multiple offers, and sellers are getting bids way over their asking price. But what's going to happen when it changes? Most economists agree will eventually change. When that happens, who will be affected first? In my 26 years of real estate, I've seen the few markets go up and down. And I can tell you from that experience that not all homes will be affected when the market shifts. Equally, homes that are on a busy street and next to the freeway, for example, they're going to get hit a lot harder. Homes that have poor floor plans or that back up to industrial or commercial use. Those houses will get hit much harder than homes that are on quiet streets and preferred neighborhoods. So while no one knows when the top or peak of a market is, you and I should be talking about an exit strategy if you have a house that could have some issues. 


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