What should I disclose?

When selling a home, what should you disclose to a buyer about the condition of your home? Of course t's essential to be transparent and honest about the condition of your home when you're selling it. But let's discuss those grey areas that might have you wondering, should I keep quiet? For example, if the roof leaks, you want to disclose that information.  But what about items that used to be problems that you have repaired? If the roof used to leak, you might want to tell them the roof leaked in 2012, and it was fixed. Why would you tell them about a repaired item? You want the buyer to understand the history of the house’s condition in case a problem arises in the future. Be upfront about everything, and you'll be in a much better position.  Be sure to include any plumbing, roof, foundation electrical, heating, or air conditioning issues.  All of those things are important that the buyer knows that way there are no surprises. Giving information upfront can also put you in a better position if the buyers want to renegotiate the terms after their inspections. So when you're filling out your disclosure documents, remember, you want to be sure to tell the buyer any material fact that might influence their opinion of your home.


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