The One Question to Ask a Potential Agent

One Question to Ask a Potential Agent. Dave Robles here from real estate, in my 26 years of selling real estate, I have trained hundreds and hundreds of real estate agents. I can tell you that the one question that you can ask a realtor to see if they're right for the job is, "What do you love most about selling real estate?". There are a lot of ways they can go with that question. And if they answer it, "well, I love houses." You have a problem. How does loving houses translate to putting more money in your pocket if you're selling your home or trying to negotiate a great deal on a house? You want to hear an answer like, I love marketing. I love advertising. I love negotiating. Heck, even I love people would be better than I love houses. For more info on buying and selling real estate or being a real estate agent, tune in real estate.


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