Sunday Afternoon Concerts in the Dome at Mount Wilson Observatory

This summer, immerse yourself in a unique musical experience at the Mount Wilson Observatory, where the stars align both above and within its historic 100-inch telescope dome. The Observatory, known for redefining humanity's view of the universe, offers an enchanting series of Sunday Afternoon Concerts in the Dome, beginning May 19, 2024.

Celestial Strings in the Dome

The concert series kicks off with "Celestial Strings in the Dome," a captivating performance featuring Cécilia Tsan on cello and Marcia Dickstein on harp. These talented musicians will perform inside the dome that houses the century-old telescope, an ambiance that promises to amplify their harmonious blend with its astounding acoustics.

The program scheduled for the day includes works from a variety of eras and styles, appealing to a diverse audience. Listeners will be treated to pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and Claude Debussy, along with contemporary compositions from Nan Schwartz and the iconic film score composer John Williams.

Details of the Event

The Observatory will host two performances on the launch day—one at 3:00 PM and another at 5:00 PM—to accommodate the expected interest. The intimate setting inside the dome, however, means seating is limited. Guests will climb a 53-step staircase to reach the dome, and it's worth noting that the venue, perched at a mile-high elevation, does not have ADA-compliant access.

Each performance will be followed by an artist reception featuring light fare and refreshments, allowing attendees to mingle and discuss the sublime experience with like-minded enthusiasts.

Tickets and Additional Information

Tickets for "Celestial Strings in the Dome" are priced at $60 each. Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended due to the limited seating. They are available online at Mount Wilson Observatory’s concert series page, where future concert dates and details can also be found.

This concert series is not just a musical event but a journey through the cosmos, guided by the harmonies of the cello and harp. It promises to be a summer highlight for anyone who appreciates the power of music to transport us to another place and time—perhaps, fittingly, to the very stars.

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