Squid Game: L.A. Edition! Test Your Grit at The Trials!

Hey, Los Angeles! Heard the latest buzz? 'Squid Game: The Trials' has landed in our city. This official Netflix experience is a unique adaptation of the popular series here with all the fun of the show, sans the grim finale!

What's the Scoop?

For those who fancy a challenge, or just a peek into the Squid Game universe without the existential dread, here's the deal. This experience tosses you into six challenges, some straight from the show, others inspired by childhood games we all know and love (or loathe?). It's 70 minutes of strategy, speed, and maybe a bit of slapstick, all wrapped up in spirited competition.

A Bite and a Bit of Banter

After you've had your fill of the games, or the games have had their fill of you, there's more to explore. The Night Market, curated by Chef Katianna Hong, offers up delectable treats. It's a culinary adventure that complements the day's escapades. 

If Curiosity Piques

For the intrigued, the trials await at Television City, through the end of January (assuming it isn't extended). Tickets begin at $39, and the experience is all about the thrill of participation. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a curious bystander, Squid Game: The Trials is a testament to L.A.'s ever-evolving entertainment landscape. So, if your interest is piqued, why not see what the buzz is about? But remember, it's all in the spirit of fun and games!

Click here for tickets and more info 

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