Six things to do with your Remodel to Go Green

HAPPY EARTH DAY! With stay at home orders proving to have a good impact on our environment, it’s fun to think of ways to keep going green, even after we are allowed to leave the house! So if you find yourself at home and wanting to make a few updates to do your part, start with the six things below.

Check the windows for and leaks or drafty air coming through. If you find spots, add weatherstripping around the frame. Installing energy-efficient windows can help improve insulation and save on Air Conditioning and Heating Costs!

Unplug electricity vampires when they are not being used. Computer and phone chargers, the blender, toaster, etc all pull small amounts of electricity even when you aren’t using them and they are powered OFF. To cut costs and to help minimize your carbon foot print, try to remember to check that electronics are completely unplugged when they aren’t in use.

Use halogen, compact fluorescent lamps, or LED lightbulbs throughout your home and in fixtures. Energy saving light bulbs use up 80% percent less than regular, antiquated lightbulbs. PLUS, you can typically find them at the dollar stores these days, so no excuses! They typically last about 25 times longer than regular bulbs, so it saves you dough in the long run.

Check the roof for leaks, ponding water or damaged shingles. The good news about all the rain last month is that you probably already know of any leaks! If you need to a new roof, and you aim to be an energy super star, consider talking to a specialist and throwing solar panels on! Also, there are options for roofing that are fully made of recycled materials and even look like cedar and slate!

Make sure the siding around your home is fully intact to lesson the chances of any air escaping or outside air seeping in. There are tons of eco options to look into, all with varying price points, materials, and pros and cons for each option. Here is a great break down of information that can help you decide what is the best route to go for you. Honestly, a lot of it depends on the style and location of your home!

When putting in fencing, railing, windows, shutters, and other outdoor materials, check for green options. Good materials to keep in mind are bamboo, cork, reclaimed woods and metals, precast concrete slabs, and sheep’s wool (non-vegan sorry!) insulation.

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