Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival 2024: A Day Among Blooms and Community

The Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival 2024 is a community event in downtown Sierra Madre, happening from 9 am to 5 pm. This festival celebrates the Wistaria vine, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest blossoming plant. The event features music, over 110 vendors, and an antique car show, with local restaurants and stores open to visitors.

The Wistaria vine, the festival's main attraction, is known for its extensive coverage and heavy bloom, with estimates suggesting it has 1.5 million blossoms, weighs around 250 tons, and covers more than one acre. This vine, planted in 1894, is a significant part of Sierra Madre's history and community identity.

Visitors must take a festival shuttle to access the property. Ticket info here . The viewing area is on private property, up a steep hill, and not accessible for those with mobility issues. The festival emphasizes the vine's historical spelling, "wistaria," reflecting its age and heritage.

The Wistaria Festival not only offers a chance to see a botanical marvel but also supports local businesses and fosters community spirit. It's an opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a day filled with activities, shopping, and dining in Sierra Madre.

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