Selling a House is FUN!! Said NO ONE EVER!

Selling a house is fun, said no one ever.

You know, there is something fun about buying a house, you have this dream of a big life change ahead of you, and maybe you and your partner go out on a Sunday and you've got your Starbucks coffees and you go to open houses and you connect with the realtor. And it's full of dreams and expectations and it's a wonderful time in your life. And unfortunately, the other side of selling your home is absolutely not fun. It

is one of the most stressful times in a homeowner's life. They're worried that people are going to be judging their home. They're worried that they're making some big mistake, and it's going to cost them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. They're worried about selling their home and becoming homeless. They're worried about maybe they don't find the right home and they have to settle because they sold their house. There's so much stress in selling a home. Yet buying the home is all rainbows and unicorns, so it's not the same. They're completely opposite. Yet as clients. We have to deal with all of them and we have to help each one meet their goals. It's really it's not an easy job.

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