Literary Magic: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024

A Weekend of Literary Riches

The Festival of Books, organized by the Los Angeles Times, invites book lovers to the University of Southern California campus for a weekend filled with literary delights. Scheduled for April 20-21, this event offers attendees the chance to browse through a variety of book stalls and engage in activities that celebrate the joy of reading.

Diverse Speakers and Engaging Discussions

The festival boasts a diverse lineup of over 500 speakers, including well-known personalities like Jose Andres and Sophia Bush, as well as acclaimed actors such as Tiffany Haddish and RuPaul. These sessions provide audiences with a glimpse into the artistic and personal journeys of these figures, enriching the festival's vibrant discourse.

Beyond the Books

While books are the core focus, the festival also presents a range of exhibitors and special features, such as a cooking stage with demonstrations by celebrated chefs like Nancy Silverton. The array of activities ensures that there’s something interesting for every attendee, whether they are book enthusiasts or just looking for an enjoyable weekend outing.

Access and Tickets

Entry to the festival and its outdoor stages is free, offering easy access to all. Indoor talks and select panels require a small fee, with tickets available from April 14. Those keen on planning ahead might consider the “Friend of the Festival” package, which includes reserved seats for various panels.

Plan Your Visit

With numerous events scheduled over two days, it’s advisable to check out the festival’s schedule ahead of time to make the most of the visit. This planning can help attendees catch their preferred talks and make their experience at the festival as fulfilling as possible.

Tickets and schedule info here 

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