L.A.'s First Non-Alcoholic Bar Opens in Chinatown

Set in the former Hong Kong Cafe, a space rich in history, Stay Zero Proof is the brainchild of Stacey Mann and Summer Phoenix. Their vision was to create a social environment that mirrors the classic cocktail lounge experience but without alcoholic beverages.

The idea of a non-alcoholic bar like Stay Zero Proof stems from a desire to provide a social setting that doesn't center around alcohol. This concept appeals to a growing number of people who are looking for nightlife options that focus on the social and atmospheric aspects of a bar, without the inclusion of alcohol.

The drink menu at Stay Zero Proof, curated by bartender Derek Brown, features a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails. Each drink is inspired by the Chinese zodiac, offering a creative twist on familiar flavors. The menu includes options like The Ox and The Rabbit, which are non-alcoholic versions of traditional cocktails.

The design of Stay Zero Proof pays homage to its historical location while incorporating modern elements. The goal was to preserve the vintage charm of the original space while creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere. The bar area, designed to be a focal point, combines elements of the past with modern aesthetics.

In opening Stay Zero Proof, the founders have made efforts to engage with the Chinatown community, aiming to be a positive presence in the neighborhood. This approach reflects a broader trend in the hospitality industry towards more community-focused and responsible business practices.

Stay Zero Proof  is open from Thursday to Sunday, 5 p.m. to midnight, at 425 Gin Ling Way. It offers a new kind of social space in L.A., catering to those interested in an alcohol-free environment. The bar provides a unique setting for people to enjoy the ambiance and company of a traditional bar without the presence of alcohol.

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