Who is paying the most for homes in Glendale?

Who's paying the most for homes here in Glendale? If you are a Glendale homeowner, it is good to know who is coming in, buying Glendale homes, and paying the most for them? Glendale has always been a very desirable place to live, but in the last 6 years, there has been a shift in the demographic of buyers. Glendale's character architecture, beautiful historic neighborhoods, and a price point of $600-$700 per square foot are drawing interest from a new group of buyers.  Buyers from Silverlake, Los Feliz, West Hollywood, and even Venice have discovered what we already knew, Glendale has a lot to offer. Our houses and neighborhoods are becoming destinations for buyers who live in those areas and are looking to save money on their home purchases. They are searching for the picturesque communities and character homes that we have, and they're okay with paying $600-$700 Per SF. In fact, they'll even pay a little bit more because, by comparison, Glendale house prices are a deal compared to where they are now. So what are these buyers looking for, and how can you make your home more attractive to them? Give me a call, and I'll show you how to position your house so that it is the home of choice.

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