How to Approach Your Parents As a Younger Buyer?

It's no secret that a lot of younger buyers get help buying a home from their parents. That help could be monetary, possibly with a down payment. It could be moral support too. Buyers sometimes lean on their parents for a variety of reasons during the home buying process. But sometimes this is a recipe for failure. Here's what I mean.

A buyer goes out with their realtor and they preview like 20 houses and then they finally find the one. They're in love with it and they're so excited. Next step, they call Mom and Dad and are like, “Dad, Mom, you guys have to come down. I found this great house! Can you check it out for me?”. Mom and Dad walk into the house, they hate it, and it's not their fault. They didn't see the other 19 crappy houses to form an educated opinion about this one. So the agent literally set them up for failure.

What is the fix? You have to bring your parents along to view multiple houses. They have to see the NO homes before they can recognize the YES. Show them a few of the others that you didn't like, so they can have some context.

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