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Five Apps that Make Life Easier for Homeowners

Dave Robles

"When you have roots in a community, you love to help it grow. Mine run deep." The Los Angeles area has been my home since birth...

"When you have roots in a community, you love to help it grow. Mine run deep." The Los Angeles area has been my home since birth...

May 30 3 minutes read

Browse the app store and you'll find dozens of useful apps for homeowners—but most of us don't have the phone storage for them all. So which ones are worth the download? Keep reading to learn our five favorite phone apps for the home.


This is the perfect to-do list app for homeowners to ensure that they’re getting tasks done in a timely fashion. Organize ideas and plans in this easy to use app that can be used for all members of the household that are involved in the design and other homeowner tasks that need to be completed. 


This inspirational app is sure to inspire you with your next home remodeling and décor project. Showcasing blog posts, tutorials, and design ideas in one simple app. This app showcases items that are found on the Houzz website and will inspire even the least creative homeowner.


Once you unbox and set up home appliances, it’s easy to lose the owner’s manual and directions. That’s where Centriq comes in. Simply snap a picture of a product label or nameplate, and Centriq will load the warranties and manuals into the app. It also shares information about replacement parts, streams videos for fixing and cleaning the appliance, and alerts you about product recalls.

Happy Plant

Do you often forget to water your plants? Then download Happy Plant, a simple app that creates a watering schedule and sends notifications so you won't forget. To make the chore more fun, Happy Plant tracks watering progress with colorful symbols. It also encourages you to take plant selfies and turn them into a time-lapse video to monitor your plant's growth.


Think of Manor as the digital version of an estate manager. It will keep track of the equity you have in your home and show equity projections over time. It also helps homeowners protect their investment by keeping track of systems and appliances in their home. Users simply snap a photo of the appliance and Manor will use its database to identify what it is and how old it is — so you don’t have to do research or input the data yourself. It then provides information like how much life is left in the system and when these things will have to be replaced. 

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