Episode 29 of the California Corona Staycation Show

Our current situation has called for a lot of creativity from everyone.  From parents turned homeschool teachers, T.V. programming filmed in family rooms, and small business restructuring to stay afloat. Yesterday I placed an order for milk, bread, and some produce from a local restaurant. My son excitedly volunteered to go for the pick-up. When he arrived at the restaurant, a worker came out covered from head to toe and placed the groceries in the truck as my son waited inside the car with the windows up. My son joked it felt like a sci-fi movie and he wondered if he had picked up plutonium and not bananas. It's a strange time. Good for these businesses for being adaptable and how lucky for us that they are.

Google Drive L.A. Restaurants Selling Groceries List

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Take care of yourself and each other! 
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