3 Ways to Get Business

Are you a new agent or are you thinking of getting into the business? If so, one of the most important questions you're going to need to answer is how will I get real estate clients? There are three approaches that I've seen agents used to get business. The first one is - they wait for it. People get a real estate license and a business card and then wait for people to say, "Hey, I'm thinking about buying or selling a house". I have bad news for people taking this approach. You will probably be waiting a while. Now even a blind squirrel can find an acorn. so my dad used to say. But creating a thriving long-lasting business from waiting is a tough road even for the most connected people. The second option is you can pay for it. What does that mean? There are a host of businesses aimed at selling leads to realtors. Advertisers like Zillow, Market Leader, and the like will sell you leads at substantial costs however the quality of those leads may not always be the best. But people do it, and a lot of agents can be successful in paying for leads. The third way to generate business is to work for it. The proactive approach is of course the most work and also has the biggest payoff. It means you are engaging every day with your community and being a source of information for your friends and family. You are holding open houses with a well-honed script, you are being a resource to people in your community. And most of all you are talking to perhaps 10 people a day about real estate. That's not easy, believe me. But if you do it, if you do that work, you're going to meet the people that want to use you to buy or sell real estate. If you're curious about what we're doing here, I think real estate to help our agents work for it and find business. Give us a call. I would love to chat with you. Dave Robles is the owner of Think Real Estate with agents throughout the greater Los Angeles area and in Utah. He is the managing broker for eXp Glendale. Dave has been a top producing agent and real estate agent trainer for over two decades. He has established a reputation for building relationships with his clients and the agents he mentors. Dave leads his team with a focus on service to the surrounding communities Feel free to contact us below:



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