Iconic Artists' Carnival Comes to Life in L.A.

Step into the Artistic Wonderland of Luna Luna: Where Iconic Artists Meet Carnival Magic in Los Angeles

Imagine a carnival where every ride and installation is a masterpiece, created by some of the most iconic artists of our time. This is Luna Luna, a unique art carnival reborn in Los Angeles, originally staged in Germany in 1987. Here, the whimsical world of amusement meets the visionary minds of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Salvador Dalí, Keith Haring, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Kenny Scharf, and Sonia Delaunay.

Aerial view of Luna Luna in Moorweide park. Hamburg, Germany, 1987. PHOTO: Â© SABINA SARNITZ. COURTESY LUNA LUNA, LLC

As you enter Luna Luna, located at Ace Mission Studios near the Sixth Street Viaduct in Boyle Heights, you're not just stepping into a carnival; you're walking into a living, breathing art gallery. The restored swings, carousels, and Ferris wheel, once operational rides, now stand as stunning art installations, each telling a story through the unique style of the artist who transformed it.

This isn't your typical art exhibition. Luna Luna offers an immersive experience where the boundary between art and entertainment blurs. The carnival rides, though not for riding, are presented in a vibrant, museum-like setting. Imagine strolling through this artistic wonderland, surrounded by the playful and profound creations of these legendary artists, each piece inviting you to explore and engage with art in a new and exciting way.

The highlight of your visit might be the chance to step inside two extraordinary installations: David Hockney's "Enchanted Tree" and Salvador Dalí's "Dalídom." These pieces offer a glimpse into the artists' imaginative worlds, with Hockney's pavilion playing enchanting waltzes and Dalí's dome lined with mesmerizing mirrors and bold colors. Opting for the VIP "Moon Pass" allows you an even closer look, but the sheer presence of these installations is captivating in itself.

Luna Luna is more than just a visual feast; it's an emotional journey. The artists, many reflecting on the post-World War II era, infused their works with a mix of playfulness, introspection, and social commentary. This depth of expression adds a profound layer to the carnival, making it a significant cultural and historical exploration.

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to witness a fusion of art and amusement, a cultural treasure that almost faded into obscurity. Luna Luna offers a chance to connect with art in a way that's both intimate and communal, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the creative spirit.

Don't miss this chance to experience Luna Luna in L.A., open through the spring of 2024. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking for a unique outing, Luna Luna promises an unforgettable adventure in the world of art and amusement.

Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy is open at Ace Mission Studios through the spring of 2024. Timed tickets cost $38 on weekdays, $48 on weekends, $20 for kids and $85 for VIP.

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