Burbank vs. Glendale: A Ringside Seat to Two SoCal Heavyweights

Hello, this is Dave Robles from Think Real Estate in Glendale. If you're pondering whether to set up home in Burbank or Glendale, you're in good company. Today, let's delve deeper into a seven-round comparison to help you make a well-informed choice. Here we go.

Round 1: Size and Space

Burbank may be cozy, but it spans only 17 square miles. Glendale, however, stretches out to 30 square miles, offering more diversity in landscapes. Glendale takes this round with its extra room for growth and variety.

Round 2: Education

Both cities have reputable schools. However, Burbank schools generally score higher in proficiency tests and have a 92% high school graduation rate. It's a tough competition, but Burbank takes Round 2 for educational excellence.

Round 3: Safety

When it comes to crime rates, Glendale scores notably lower than the national average, offering a safe environment for its residents. Burbank does well, too, but Glendale has the upper hand here, winning Round 3.

Round 4: Parks and Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts will find 50 parks in Glendale, with Brand Park being a standout. Burbank is no slouch, but can't quite match Glendale's wealth of green spaces. So, Glendale clinches Round 4.

Round 5: Entertainment

Burbank has a rich tapestry of entertainment options, from major film studios to live comedy. While Glendale's Americana is a hub for shopping and dining, Burbank's diverse offerings take the cake. Burbank wins Round 5.

Round 6: Public Transport

Burbank offers the convenience of its own airport. That's a luxury anyone who's battled LAX traffic will appreciate. With a more comprehensive transport network, Burbank grabs Round 6.

Round 7: Housing Affordability

Both cities are not cheap when it comes to housing, but Burbank does offer slightly more affordable options for renters and buyers alike. Financially speaking, Burbank wins the final round.

In Summary

After carefully examining the key aspects of living in both cities, Burbank nudges ahead with advantages in education, entertainment, transport, and housing costs. However, don't count Glendale out. It scores well in size, safety, and parks.

Choosing a home is a deeply personal decision, influenced by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, needs, and aspirations. So, take your time to explore both cities. Each has unique neighborhoods that might just feel like "the one" to you.

See you around, and may you find the perfect home in the community that's right for you.

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